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Open Participation Solutions & Services

Build up trust in-house and with your customers, deliver better products and services through co-creation.

Inclusive decision-making through collaborative budgeting

Build on AI in all your co-creation efforts, increase efficiency and active involvement

About Idea Synergy

Building trust and productivity

Idea Synergy is a new digital platform company and social enterprise, built on 10 years of innovation in co-creation and trust building between citizens and governments by its nonprofit sister organisation Citizens Foundation, based in Iceland. The company focuses on co-creation using crowdsourcing, collaborative budgeting and other methods that harvest the collective intelligence and potential from employees, customers and partners. Idea Synergy provides solutions developed using advanced mobile and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Idea Synergy is a social enterprise with a mission to rebuild trust in society. The company has a symbiotic relationship with the Citizens Foundation where Idea Synergy focuses on serving companies and political parties and the Citizens Foundation serves governments and other non-profit organisations. To support democratic innovation Idea Synergy donates 30% of its annual profits to the Citizens Foundation.


Robert Bjarnason

President & CTO

Róbert is a successful entrepreneur that started the first commercial web companies in Iceland in 1993 and Denmark in 1995. In 2008 he co-founded the Citizens Foundation, a nonprofit, improving democracy through mass participation and co-creation. Before that, he founded a San Francisco multiplayer game company and worked as a CTO in the mobile game industry where his team received many industry awards including two BAFTA awards. Róbert has extensive experience in developing collaborative software and AI algorithms spanning over 25 years.

David Parsons


David has been involved in the development of Internet applications since 1996. Initially working at the Internet Applications Group (INTAPPS) delivering enterprise level applications for companies including PwC, UBS, Vodafone & BP. In 2004 he founded Decypher Media that developed advanced Fintech applications and websites for global hedge funds GLG Partners, Man Group PLC & Castle Trust.

Guðný Maren Valsdóttir

Creative director

Maren is a multimedia artist and a designer. She is a force of creativity energy at Idea Synergy and works on the design of our apps and websites since the year 2012. Maren also contributes to the overall strategy and sits on the board of directors.

Guðjón Idir

Communications Director

Guðjón Idir has been working within civil society since 2014. Academic background includes philosophy and psychology. Professional background includes FOI and freedom of expression advocacy. Currently devoted to advocacy efforts for deeper participatory social systems and more meaningful democracies.

Matthijs Pontier Ph.D

Commercial Director

Matthijs Pontier, Ph.D, studied Artificial Intelligence, psychology and Cognitive Science. As a scientist he developed emotional intelligence and moral decision making for computers and robots, and co-edited the book ‘Machine Medical Ethics’. The documentary ‘Alice cares’ about this project received several awards; among others the NWO/KNAW Eureka award for science communication. Next to his scientific work, Matthijs has been active in improving collaborative decision making and co-creation at the university with the workers council and other communities with various civil society organizations, such as the Pirate Party, the Greens and ‘Meer Democratie’.

Use cases

Promoting participatory processes and co-creation in the workplace

Active Citizen, Open Active Voting, Participatory Budgeting, Policy Crowdsourcing, Your Priorities
Active Citizen, Open Active Voting, Participatory Budgeting, Policy Crowdsourcing, Your Priorities

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