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About Us

About Us

Idea Synergy is a new social media platform company, built on 10 years of innovation in co-creation and trust building between citizens and governments by its nonprofit sister organisation Citizens Foundation, based in Iceland. The company focuses on co-creation using crowdsourcing, collaborative budgeting and other creative methods that harvest the collective intelligence and potential from employees, customers and partners. Idea Synergy provides a social media platform developed using advanced mobile and Artificial Intelligence technologies.


Idea Synergy is a social enterprise with a mission to increase participation and rebuild trust in society. The company has a symbiotic relationship with the Citizens Foundation where Idea Synergy focuses on serving companies and political parties and the Citizens Foundation serves governments and other non-profit organisations. To support democratic innovation Idea Synergy donates 30% of its annual profits to the Citizens Foundation.

The Problem

There is a decline in trust across businesses, government, institutions and companies. The chart on the right shows the emerging trend of the trust decline by business sector from 2017 to 2018. New data for 2018 released by Edelman show a precipitous decline in trust for the technology sector – U.S. (-19 pts), France (-18 pts), Hong Kong (-14 pts) & Germany (-9 pts).   The recent EU Antitrust case against Google and regulatory scrutiny of both Facebook & Amazon is not helping with trust in the sector.


Change is happening more rapidly than at any other time in history. Diverse streams of information create enormous opportunities for outreach and co-creation for innovation while at the same time trust becomes more volatile. Managing ever faster change both inside and outside business is difficult,  it’s an urgent problem that requires innovative solutions. There is also growing awareness amongst investors and CEOs that they need to engage and collaborate with other companies in order to build agile and productive alliances.


There is lack of productivity growth where many companies are not exploiting their full capacity for innovation, only few are working in an organised way with customers to unlock and exploit co-creation potential.  Currently vast amounts of productive power is wasted. The nature of both work and the workforce is changing rapidly. According to a recent report by PwC a third of workers are anxious about the future of their jobs due to automation – an anxiety that kills productivity in the workplace and the willingness to innovate. A recent survey entitled “Attitudes in the American Workplace” more than 80% of American workers suffer from high levels of stress in their job.

Trust Declines in 10 of 15 Sectors - change 2017 to 2018

The Solution

Idea Synergy offers companies solutions to help them harvest and nurture the best ideas, using proven solutions and high-end expertise built through years of pioneering work. With Idea Synergy’s award-winning platform and services companies can easily and efficiently foster co-creation and crowdsource ideas internally and externally, leading to increased trust and better decisions. By harnessing the power of collective intelligence and inclusive decision making, companies can build and cultivate trust with Idea Synergy’s solutions.


These solutions have already been successfully implemented through Idea Synergy’s sister organisation, Citizens Foundation, in co-creation projects executed by various governments, MPs, political parties and NGOs since the year 2008.


With co-creation, a company goes beyond the sum of its parts when people invest themselves into what they identify with: a shared ownership of a common goal. Change becomes easier when everyone is a part of it. By empowering employees to be more involved in decision making they can feel more in control of their work lives and be less stressed.


  • Co-creation inside companies with employees
    • Idea Synergy offers proven tools for crowdsourcing and other methods of co-creation
    • Analysis tools with Artificial Intelligence insights and automatic content classification
    • Recommendation engines & smart notifications for maximum focus
    • Cloud hosting or self-hosting options


  • Co-creation with customers
    • Idea Synergy’s platform is able to scale to a massive size. It is simple to get ideas and feedback from a huge, global audience
    • AI machine translation enables multilanguage co-creation campaigns


  • Co-creation between companies
    • Build strong relationships and alliances through collaboration using advanced crowdsourcing tools