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Idea Synergy BV is a new platform company built on 10 years of innovation in co-creation and trust building between citizens and governments by its non-profit sister organisation Citizens Foundation in Iceland. The company focuses on co-creation using crowdsourcing, participatory department budgeting and other methods that harvest the collective intelligence and potential from employees, customers and partners. Idea Synergy is a social enterprise with a mission to rebuild trust in society. The company has a symbiotic relationship with the Citizens Foundation where Idea Synergy focuses on serving companies and political parties and the Citizens Foundation serves governments and other non-profit organisations.

Idea Synergy offers companies solutions to help them harvest and nurture the best ideas using tried and trusted solutions and high-end expertise built through years of pioneering work. With Idea Synergy’s help companies can easily and efficiently foster co-creation and crowdsource ideas internally and externally, leading to increased trust and better decisions.

Presenting an award-winning platform and services the team behind Idea Synergy have embarked on new ways to increase participation, building trust through inclusive decision-making within companies and between companies and their client base. These solutions have already been successfully implemented through Idea Synergy’s sister organisation, Citizens Foundation, in participatory projects executed by various municipal governments, MPs, political parties and NGOs.

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