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Better Reykjavík


One of the most successful use cases of the Your Priorities platform is the Better Reykjavík project. Better Reykjavík is an online participatory social network, where citizens can present their ideas on municipal issues ranging from services to operations of the City of Reykjavík. The platform empowers citizens, who can debate and prioritise ideas to improve their city in an open discourse between members of the community and the city council.

  • 10-15 top priorities processed by Reykjavík City Council and voted on every month
  • Over 70,000 people have participated out of a population of 120 000 since the site opened
  • 20,000 registered users have submitted over 6,800 ideas and 15,000 points for and against
  • Over 3,000 ideas have been formally reviewed, and close to a 1,000 accepted since 2011
  • Participatory budgeting since 2011 with over 18m EUR allocated directly by citizens

The Better Reykjavík platform also hosts various other participatory projects, such as the highly successful participatory budgeting project; My Neighbourhood, and recently, the policy crowdsourcing project; The City’s Education Policy.


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